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We are a dynamic Ukrainian IT company that kicked off in 2020 with just five of us right on the brink of the COVID pandemic.

Two years later, the world changed again as the war in Ukraine began. Yet, in a short time, we've grown into a tight-knit crew of 50+ talented individuals and launched our own innovative products, showing our grit and determination.

What we're all about? Developing, launching, promoting, and maintaining:

Web SaaS products

Mobile applications

Utilities for social media

If there’s no position that matches your skills, please send us your CV to [email protected]. We may be in need of your expertise even if there isn't a specific job listing.

Our Values

Values are unwritten rules that shape our company's culture and make life smoother.


We constantly keep exploring and launching products in promising niches.


We embrace the professional environment of the workplace, avoiding behaviour of a daycare.


We treat everyone with courtesy and fairness, promoting a culture of mutual respect.


We value our customers and fair market, so we work hard on our products’ quality.


Recurrent vacation is a must. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".

Technologies Technologies Technologies Technologies

and expertise and expertise and expertise and expertise

Technologies we use in our everyday work:

  • machine learning & ai
  • javascript (native)
  • react (native)
  • php (symphony)
  • rabbit
  • redis
  • kubernetes & docker
  • jenkins
  • flutter
  • gitlab ci
  • mysql
  • linux

Money making is a sport, and we strive to take gold in many disciplines.

We select a promising market, develop a decent product, and compete!

We consider ourselves experts in SaaS product development and promotion.



If you have spare hours a week and you’re looking for part-time/project-based/hourly-rate work, feel free to ping us. We have work to do, as well as we have affiliate program to join ;)

Social and Defence

On a monthly basis, we donate to a military division and animal shelters, as well as assist with volunteering activities for our employees and their friends.

Marketing specialists

We're always open to new traffic sources for our SaaS products. Therefore, we're glad to cooperate in terms of traffic acquisition, media buying, affiliate marketing, and more. Feel free to contact us.

Ukrainian businesses

We admire the way local business owners take risks and launch companies during wartime, and we also love our Ukrainian brands and their values. We are ready to support your product or service and are happy to collaborate in various ways.


Please contact us via email [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can!